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MV Comp

Page history last edited by Diane Temple 6 years, 11 months ago


Welcome to the MV Comp wiki where great ideas are shared by great thinkers.  


Comments shared on students' pages should be school appropriate, filled with support and educationally sound.


Vocabulary links

Chomp Chomp Grammar Fun

A Quick Guide to MLA Documentation


Comp I course info 

Six-Word Memoir video link

Scholarship essay topics

Narrative writing links

Reflective writing links

Expert essay links

Persuasive writing links

Portfolio prep

To add an essay, you need to log in, create a page and save it in the appropriate folder (ex. Significant Person/Place drafts), and copy your essay onto that page and click on save.

Observation/Evaluation essay links


Comp II course info

Song/Lit analysis links

Position Paper links

Portfolio prep

E-portfolio link


Links that we may not use in class but Mrs. Temple's afraid to delete them


Your chance to read Mrs. Temple's writing: Here's a letter to you!

ICAN: College Prep Site

Senior Planning Guide: Month by month checklist

ICAN Materials Library

Comma fun

Comma/semi-colon usage rules






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